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Proper Care of Contact Lenses and Your Eyes

Posted by Nix L on

Contact lenses can be wear right out of the vial. In order to get the best comfort-ability, SPECIALLENS recommended user to soak your fresh contact lenses in the solution up to 8 hours before first usage.

Contact lenses are safely used by millions of people everyday, regardless prescription lenses or non-prescription lenses, they do carry a risk of eye infection. Here are some tips on how to keep your contact lenses in good condition. This will not only help you extend the life span of your contact lenses, but it will also help in protecting the safety and health of your eyes.

- Golden rules number one, always wash your hand with soap and clean water (optional warm water), after that rinse and dry them with clean towel.

- Contact contacts shouldn't be washed with or stored in water (tap or sterile water).

- Clean and store your contact lenses as prescribed (in a clean case in fresh solution). Different types of contact lenses require special care and certain types of products. Only use the eye care products recommended by your optician or optometrist. All contact lenses sold by SPECIALLENS can be use on all kind of fresh solution, be sure to purchase it at your nearest reputable optical store.

- Always store lenses in a proper lens storage case. It is very important replace your lens case regularly. Almost all packages of solution come with a new contact lens case. When opening a new package, replace your existing contact lens case with this new one. Cases shouldn't be used more than 3 months. Clean your contact lens case right after you have inserted the contact lenses into your eyes. Do this with your contact lens cleaning solution to rinse the case out. Leave the case open, letting it air dry until it is need again to store your contact lenses.

- Do not put your lenses in your mouth to wet them. Saliva is not a sterile solution.

- Never ever re-use the old solution or "top off" old solution in your contact lens case. If your contact lenses are not used daily then dispose of the solution in the case and replace it with new solution at least weekly.

- Clean your contact lens by rubbing it gently with your index finger in the palm of your hand. The newest "no rub" solutions allow you to rinse your contact lenses without rubbing.

REMEMBER: If while wearing your contact lenses your eyes become sore, red, blurry or sensitive to light, stop wearing your lenses immediately and see your Optometrist.

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