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Affiliates Affiliate System

Do you like our products and want to refer it to your friends while you can earn money (commisions)?  By simply linking to us and promoting the range of contact lenses you can earn generous commission fees when your website, Facebook, Twitter, Blog, YouTube, VIMEO, forum, etc visitors make a purchase from our online store. Our affiliate program is very easy to register and integrated, you can be up and running within minutes!

Affiliate Program Details

  • Our affiliate system is operated through iDevaffiliate, one of the top affiliate tracking software.
  • Easy to Join - It's FREE (at the moment) and only takes few minutes to complete the registration.
  • We provide all the banners, images, text links, HTML code and marketing materials for you to use on your website
  • You earn a very generous 10% commissions on sales generated through your website/referral. The more sales you generate the more commissions you will get! 
  • If you believe you can deliver significantly higher sales volume/more sales, please get in touch to discuss your requirements, we can increase your commissions rate.
  • We track visitor and sales using iDevaffiliate, a transparent tracking software to ensure accurate tracking and quick payment.
  • You can track the performance of your commissions online in real time.
  • 12 months | 365 days | 1 year cookie time span! - you will still earn commissions if a visitor you referred makes a purchase within 365 days of first visiting the website.

What Do I do as an affiliate?

Promoting to your friends/family on your website/facebook/Blog/YouTube Channel/etc by:

  • Sending email about our website to them.
  • Placing our ads, banners, images, text links, HTML code on your site, facebook, blog, twitter, forum.....etc. 
  • Updaload the product catalog (model picture) to your facebook account and leave it there. Whenever someone click on it and make a purchase. You get a sales.

Adadditional Information

Our team is on hand to answer any of your questions and to help you make the most of the affiliate program. Please feel free to email

Get Started Now

Getting started with the affiliate program couldn't be easier, simply Register Now

- Who can join this affiliate program?
Anyone who has Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blog, Website or any social account that can share your information are welcome. 

The Flow:

- I'm a YouTube/Blogger/Website Owner, what should I do now?
1. Register an affiliate account at
2. Sign in your affiliate account and go to the Marketing Material tab (left side).
3. You may user Banner, Text Ads, Text Links for your YouTub/Blog/Website. Make sure your Blog/Websites support HTML feature, otherwise you may use the Standard Linking Code.

- Do I need PayPal to signup as an affiliate?
Not necessary. We pay our affiliate via PayPal. However, if you do not have PayPal account, we will credit it to your SPECIALLENS account (our web store). You may use it to shop with any merchandise.

- How many types of payout option available?
We only have 2 type of payout option:
1. PayPal.
2. Credit to your SPECIALLENS account.
*To create your SPECIALLENS  account, visit the website and click "Create an Account" at the top of the web store.

- What is Standard Linking Code and what is it use for?
Example: It is a special link URL that can track down anyone you referred to our website. Whenever your friends click on it, it will redirect to our main website, When they make a purchase, you get commissions. You may view your referring traffic at "Traffic Log" under your affiliate account.

- What is the validity period of my referring when someone click on my affiliate link url?
It will stay up to 12 months or 365 days! Let say someone click on your affiliate link from Facebook/Blog/website/Youtube/etc but doesn't make any purchase on the spot, your referring will stay up to 365 days. If he/she order from us within this period, you still get the commissions!

- When will I get my commissions?
Once your commissions reach $200, we will notify you. Your commissions will be send after 30 days.

- Why do I need to provide my address when sign up as an affiliate?
We might send you the sample contact lenses for review. It is recommended that you to fill in the correct shipping address.

- Where can I see my commissions?
1. Login your affiliate account.
2. Under the commissions tab, click commission to view it.

Should you have further questions, Contact Us at any time.