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Welcome to SPECIALLENS™ Cosmetic Lens Center

We specialize in selling the most popular coloured contacts, circle lenses, Halloween, Fashion Lenses, etc around the world. Circle lenses come in all colors and designs from very natural looking to dramatic looking effects like Lady Gaga in Bad Romance. Start get yourself a pair of favorite colored contacts today! :)

NOTICE: We're updating iFairy and Kimchi inventory and bring in more new lenses. You may place
order for these series. However, all iFairy and Kimchi Series will only be delivered after 3rd
October 2014. Please noted that mixing iFairy/Kimchi series with other series of lenses under
the same order/receipt will only be delivered after 3rd October 2014. If you need it fast, place
two separated order.

In the meantime, we offer 20% discount for iFairy and Kimchi Series. Use coupon code: OFFER20

We apologize for the incovenience caused.



* Offer not valid on Angel Series | Berry Cessy Series | Twilight Vision Series | Dark Templar Series | iFairy Series | Kimchi Series.

- Promotion ends on 22.09.2014 11.59AM SGT.



GEO Berry Cessy Brown Contact Lenses

 GEO Berry Cessy Grey Contact Lenses

GEO Berry Cessy Green Contact Lenses